A Year in Review

Bringing a New DeFi Platform Idea to Life

2021 Roadmap

  1. Protocol — Architecture & UI Design Release ACCOMPLISHED
  2. Token — Cook Uniswap Listing ACCOMPLISHED
  3. Index — Cook Index Development ACCOMPLISHED
  4. Mainnet — Cook Index ETH Mainnet Release ACCOMPLISHED
  5. Features — Issue with Single Token ACCOMPLISHED
  6. Launch — Launch Mainnet on New Chains ACCOMPLISHED

Major Highlights

  • July — Mainnet Launch on Ethereum: Read about it here
  • September — DAO Launched to get our community even more involved: Read about it here
  • October — Surpassed 10,000 $COOK Wallet holders across four chains: Read about it here
  • November — First ever DeFi Index platform to introduce the “Issue with a Single Token” feature: Read about it here
  • December — Launched the first ever DeFi Index platform on Avalanche: Read about it here



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A DeFi Index platform built for the future.