An Index Staking Guide

2 min readDec 16, 2021

For users who would like to earn additional rewards on your indexes, you can stake them on the Cook platform. In this guide we’ll show you the steps to quickly stake and begin earning additional rewards. If you don’t have an index and want to learn how to issue indexes, we suggest viewing first our DeFi Index Guide for Avalanche.

Once you have an index that you would like to stake to earn additional rewards, just click on the “Farm” link in the left hand side menu or navigate to .

Once you are there, select the Staking Pool for the index that you would like to stake. To proceed click on the stake button for your desired index.

A popup will then appear with an approve button showing. Press “Approve” and then your MetaMask wallet will show up. This transaction is just to setup the connect between your wallet and the staking program. Once you confirm the transaction it will take you back to the popup page.

There you can designate the amount you would like to stake and then hit the stake button. Now your index is staked and you will be earning additional rewards. To unstake an index just go back to the Farm page and click on unstake button from the desired staking pool. Then enter the amount that you want to unstake and hit “Unstake LP” to finish the process.

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