Cook Bi-Weekly Report (10/1–10/15)

Product Updates

1. Issuance with a Single Token

  • Local forked Mainnet test finished
  • Updated the Batch Issuance to work with a new single token issuance feature

2. Yield Bearing Index

  • Stable coin yield bearing index on local forked mainnet integration test completed
  • Redesigned index details page to show yield bearing index info

3. Token Burning Game

  • Started smart contract implementation

4. New Wallet Connection Feature

  • Implemented integration with Unstoppable Domains

Marketing and Community Updates

1. Governance

  • CIP #2 Approved: Four new indexes to be added to the Cook platform including a NFT, Metaverse, Infrastructure and Derivatives Index

2. Press

  • BTC Manager: Cook Finance Reaches 10,000+ Wallet Holders in Less Than 3 Months After Launching its Mainnet- Read about it here
  • Yahoo! Finance: Cook Finance Reaches 10,000+ Wallet Holders — Read about it here

3. Partnerships

  • Launched a new integration with Unstoppable Domains to enable a new way to connect with the Cook DAPP

4. Community AMA

  • Partnered with Unstoppable Domains to do a Twitter Spaces discussion on our latest integration

5. Community Events

  • Held a Cook Hat giveaway for the community with 10 winners selected

6. Community Achievement

  • Reached 10,000+ $COOK wallet holders across 3 chains including ETH, BSC, HECO and OEC

7. Asia Community

  • Held a DAO learning session for the community to participate in voting on proposals
  • Shared the translation of the AMA with Cage our Cook CTO



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