Cook Bi-Weekly Report (5/15–5/31)

Product Updates

  • Completed all testing on ETH
  • Started audit with Slowmist
  • Completed all testing on ETH, BSC and HECO
  • Started audit with Slowmist
  • Conducted testing on index product mining
  • Deployed landing page in the production environment
  • Translated landing page to Chinese and Korean languages

Marketing and Community Updates

  • Bondly NFT 2nd Airdrop of Cook tokens distributed
  • Hermes Club — Chinese Marketing Director Hao conducted two WeChat group AMAs and conducted airdrops for 400 participants
  • Conducted “Top 15 Foods” event to ask group members join the 3rd fireside chat with the Cook community with CSO Kun Peng
  • MXC Exchange AMA with CTO Cage
  • CTO Cage provided a 30 minute demo of the Cook platform Bilibili, the largest Chinese streaming media site. 1500+ people attended and watched the demo
  • Chinese Marketing Director Hao gave a speech for the closing ceremony with 1400+ people attended and watched the closing ceremony
  • Cook ranked 8th in the Hackathon and was elected as an one of the most outstanding projects
  • Staking on MXC exchange “ MX DeFi” offered for Cook token holders
  • Block Minority — Conducted a 1on1 interview with CTO Cage



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