Cook Bi-Weekly Report (6/15–6/30)

Product Updates

1. Mainnet launch

  • Crypto Largecap Index (CLI) launched on Ethereum Mainnet
  • Ethereum DeFi Index (EDI) launched on Ethereum Mainnet

2. Cook Index rebalance

  • Tested UniswapV2AssetPriceAdapter
  • Implemented UniswapV2AssetPriceAdapter

3. Cook Index on HECO

  • Started to perform testing on HECO Testnet

4. Batch Issue

  • Performed test on forked Mainnet

5. Yield Bearing Index

  • Development complete
  • Started to test on forked Mainnet

Marketing and Community Updates

1. Mainnet

  • Launch video completed. Click here to view it
  • Medium writeup published. Click here to read about it

2. Partnerships

  • Executed 3rd and final Airdrop through NFT partnership with Bondly Finance

3. AMAs

  • Gate.IO Livestream AMA with our Marketing Director. Click here to read about it

4. Staking

  • Gate.IO 2nd Staking program established

5. Asia Community Giveaways and Rewards

  • Giveaway shirts sent to members who participated in community activities
  • Prizes sent to winners of AMA Q&As

6. Asia Community Volunteer Program

  • Conducted training and provided feedback to new volunteers in the community

7. Asia Media

  • Established field account with the Jinse media platform



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