Cook Bi-Weekly Report (7/15–7/31)

Product Updates

1. Development and deployment on OKExchain

  • Finished COOK tokens cross-chain bridge to OKEXchain
  • Started to deploy index funds on OKExchain

2. Batch Issuing

  • Started Batch Issuing deployment on Ethereum mainnet

3. Issuance with single token

  • Finished design document
  • Completed UniswapV2 Exchange Adapter V2 getMinAmountOut and getMaxAmountsIn functions
  • Completed UniswapV2 Exchange Adapter V2 refactor
  • Performed test on IssueWithSingleToken

4. Yield Bearing Index

  • Audit scheduled for Yield Bearing Index

4. Token burning game

  • Designed token burning game mechanism

5. Leverage and Inverse Index

  • Continued with deployment script development

6. Actively Managed Fund

  • Frontend implementation started
  • Completed local test script

Marketing and Community Updates

1. Community Contest

  • Sticker Contest completed with the Top 3 winners announced. View all the contest entries here

2. Medium Article

  • Published article on the first two index funds on the Cook DAPP. Read about it here

3. AMA

  • Held Duck DAO x Cook AMA with our CTO Cage. Read the recap here

4. Asia Community

  • New Public Accounts created for QQ & ZSXQ



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