Cook Bi-Weekly Report (8/1–8/15)

Product Updates

1. Deployment on OKExChain

  • Deployed Cook DAPP index funds on OKExChain
  • Listed COOK tokens on CherrySwap

2. Issuance with a Single Token

  • Completed several adapters
  • Performed tests

3. Yield Bearing Index

  • Audit scheduled for Yield Bearing Index

4. Token Burning Game

  • Game design completed

5. Leverage and Inverse Index

  • Continued with deployment script development

6. NFT GameFi

  • NFT GameFi mechanics designed
  • NFT designs completed

Marketing and Community Updates

1. New Chain Launched

  • Launched OKExChain on Cook DAPP to add more interoperability — Read about it here

2. New Cook DAPP Features

  • Launched Batch Issue feature to help users save gas — Read about it here
  • Launched the OKEx wallet integration into the Cook DAPP

3. New Partnerships

  • Established a partnership with Archimedes to integrate lending features on Cook — Read about it here

4. Collaborations

  • Working with CherrySwap to add ckToken funds to DEX — Read about it here

5. NFTs

  • Gathered new ideas from the Cook community on potential new ways to integrate NFTs and increase engagement

6. Asia Community

  • Airdrop — Sent to community members who actively participated in community activities and the winner of 7th dish competition by COOK captain
  • QQ community report — Created new regular update to provide a summary of team updates twice a week
  • QQ article — Published new article discussing the benefits of index funds on Cook

7. Asia Partnerships

  • Established Huobi Wallet partnership and listed on OKExChain with an attribute of Huobi Wallet



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