Cook Bi-Weekly Report (9/1–9/15)

1 min readSep 15, 2021


Product Updates

1. Issuance with a Single Token

  • Frontend completed
  • Started the audit

2. Yield Bearing Index

  • Audit scheduled for the Yield Bearing Index

3. Token Burning Game

  • Frontend development completed
  • Smart contract architecture designed

4. Leverage and Inverse Index

  • Continued testing of scripts

5. Polygon Index

  • Started Polygon frontend integration

6. Governance

  • Launched governance forum — View it here
  • Published all the governance processes and rules — Read about it here

Marketing and Community Updates

1. Governance

  • Announced DAO Launch — Read about it here
  • First Proposal Approved — Read about it here

2. Community Events

  • Held a Cook T-Shirt Giveaway contest for the community — View winners here

3. YouTube Video

  • Altcoin Daily released a video with a full update on the latest Cook developments — View it here

4. Asia Education

  • Shared a translated version of the Altcoin Daily video and explained video influencer impact to the community

5. Asia Media

  • Translated and posted details about the DAO on the Jinse media platform
  • Built a media calendar for CLI liquidity mining activity on the Jinse media platform

6. Asia Community

  • Conducted the 9th community competition and did an airdrop to all winners




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