Cook Bi-Weekly Report (9/15–9/30)

Product Updates

1. Issuance with a Single Token

  • Audit completed

2. Yield Bearing Index

  • Zapper integration completed
  • Started work on Stablecoin Yield Bearing Index

3. Token Burning Game

  • Smart contract architecture design completed

Marketing and Community Updates

1. Governance

  • Held the first proposal CIP #1 Vote

2. Conferences

  • Attended the Digital Asset Summit: 2021 to meet with and network across the asset management industry
  • Attended the Mainnet 2021 conference to learn more about the latest in the crypto world and find new potential partners

3. Partnerships

  • Established a new partnership with UnoRe
  • Established a new partnerships with UREEQA
  • Established a new partnership with NetVRk

4. Community Events

  • Held an AMA with Cook CTO Cage
  • Had an AMA with Cook CMO Nathan and Chainlink Labs

5. Asia Community

  • Created a content article for the 9th community competition
  • Held a DAO learning session for the community to participate in voting on proposals
  • Shared the translation of the Cook x Chainlin AMA

6. Asia Partnerships

  • Signed up for Dorahack’s Hackthon with Polygon




A DeFi Index platform built for the future.

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A DeFi Index platform built for the future.

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