Cook Finance at the DCentral Miami Conference

The DCentral conference in Miami was amazing for Cook. This was the first ever conference that the team exhibited at and it was fantastic to say the least. The team was thrilled to have had the opportunity to talk to so many people throughout the conference. A big THANK YOU to every single person who came by our booth, who we provided a demo to, who attended our afterparty event and even those who we’ve worked with online but finally met in person! The team couldn’t have been more thrilled to have spent time with everyone there. Just to provide a recap for those in our community who were not able to attend here’s a full rundown.

The first day of the DCentral was packed. So many people came through to see and learn more about Cook! In addition to having a great exhibition space at the conference, our team also had the opportunity to participate throughout the conference in various breakout sessions. Adrian our CEO gave a Keynote Presentation on the Alpha stage, Michael our Head of Business development was included on a great DeFi panel and our CMO Nathan got to meet with the Altcoin Daily brothers in person finally after working with them virtually throughout the past year. The Cook team was so thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in nearly every single aspect of the conference from start to finish.

Additionally on the very first day of the conference, Cook announced the launch of the first ever DeFi Index platform on Avalanche! What an amazing moment for the team to have accomplished this major milestone and to have timed it perfectly for the very first opening day of DCentral to share with the world. It took an immense amount of work to accomplish this milestone but as many of you have seen, the team always pulls through to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

To take this launch to an even higher level, Cook received a fantastic writeup in CoinDesk that highlighted the Avalanche launch which was so incredible! Especially as it was released exactly as the DCentral doors opened up on the first day. If you didn’t read the article, you can check it out here

Then after the first day closed, the team headed over to the visually stunning Komodo Restaurant in Brickell where Cook co-hosted an afterparty event with Harmony, Pledge and Kitco Digital Metals. It was a great turn out at the event and everyone had a great time while enjoying delicious food and drinks throughout the night.

Then on the second day the Cook team got right back to work at the booth doing even more demos and talking up the Cook platform on Avalanche as much as possible the entire day.

Throughout the conference the team was blown away by the incredible interest in the Cook platform and was so glad to give demos to everyone who stopped by the booth. For those in attendance, some were even lucky enough to snag our awesome giveaways like Cook sunglasses, T-shirts and stickers before they were gone. If you got any of these make sure to wear your Cook swag and tag Cook!

In all, the DCentral conference was an incredible experience for the team and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Now as this year comes to a close, we just wanted to say thank you again to everyone in our community. You are the reason we are building this platform and your support means so much to us. Especially as we look towards the future to build upon our most recent accomplishments and work together to make the Cook platform even better!



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