Nov 9, 2021

3 min read

Cook Finance at the NFT.NYC Conference

The Cook team attended the NFT.NYC conference which was one of the biggest NFT conferences in the world this year. The event was spread out over 3 different locations around Times Square in New York City. Each location was packed with people from all corners of the crypto industry and from many different geographic regions. Just by walking from one location to the next, you could see numerous NFT ads thrown across all the major Times Square digital billboards in every direction. There was definitely a sense of bubbling excitement everywhere during the week not only at the conference but also around the city at numerous events.

At the conference, there were a number of great panel discussions about the future of NFTs, how to build and foster communities and ways to get even more people involved in the crypto space through NFTs. Each attended by people interested to learn more and contribute to burgeoning communities and brand new ecosystems.

Some of the biggest players in the NFT space, crypto and protocol scaling solutions were in attendance. Many of them exhibited, gave speeches, announced new launches at events throughout the week. The event scene was quite impressive with so many to choose from that it made it possible for anyone who had an interest in NFTs to attend, network and learn more.

The Cook team was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to connect with many people and platforms during the week and we’re very excited to dive deeper into all these new potential partnerships. The possibilities are endless when you think about the amazing new tools and features being developed in the NFT space.

Even though we just recently launched our own first set of Cook NFTs to help build engagement in our community for our DAO, we foresee many new NFT integrations into the Cook platform. These will be based on new insights and partnerships established over the past week from the NFT.NYC conference. For everyone in our community, you can definitely expect to see more exciting developments in the NFT area in the near future so make sure to stay tuned!