Cook Finance in Dubai for Blockchain Week

3 min readOct 26, 2021

At Cook Finance our team is always seeking out new opportunities to grow the Cook community and extend our partner network. What better way to do this than to going to Dubai during one of the biggest weeks for blockchain in the region at the Future Blockchain Summit.

We knew that the interest in crypto in Dubai was starting to grow as we have seen major news recently such as the Dubai World Trade Centre Authority announcing the support of regulation, offerings, issuance, listing and trading of crypto assets within its free zone as a move towards innovation in a new digital economy.

Overall it was a tremendous experience for the Cook team to establish a foothold in this region and share with so many people the benefits and the potential of the Cook DeFi Asset Management platform as more and more people in the region get involved in the crypto space.

Our team met so many wonderful people during the week and it was a pleasure to both learn from and share knowledge across many different industries. With each conversation, our team could sense the growing excitement and enthusiasm for crypto adoption in a city that is literally transforming both physically, through some of the most impressive man made structures in the world and digitally through the adoption of the latest in blockchain technology.

As we noticed the budding growth of crypto in Dubai, also many others in the crypto world did too as even CZ the CEO from Binance made an appearance multiple times during blockchain week in Dubai. Our team was even fortunate enough to see him in person during a panel discussion at the Future Blockchain Summit.

In addition to attending great panel discussions, the Cook team also participated in the conference with a speaking session where Michael our VP of Business Development discussed the differences between Decentralized Exchanges and Centralized Exchanges.

As another great way to engage and get the Cook name out there during the conference, Cook partnered with Kitco News, a leader in digital and precious metals news coverage. Throughout the four day conference, Kitco News brought on many prominent Future Blockchain Summit attendees to their video stage to do 1 on 1 video interviews with Cook being a prominent fixture in every single video interview.

Overall the trip to Dubai, the conferences and the people the Cook team met made for an outstanding experience. It’s so great to see so much excitement around crypto in the region and even better that so many were quite interested in the Cook platform through many discussions with the Cook team. As we look forward to the future, our team can not wait to work with many of the individuals who we met in Dubai to help bring even more people into our growing community.