Cook Finance Launches a New Discord Server

We are overwhelmed by the support that we have received so far from our community. To spur even more engagement and create a more organized communication platform for our community members, we are launching a Cook Discord server.

Join here:

We believe this will enable $COOK token holders and other crypto enthusiasts to have open discussions and exchange ideas on the future development of Cook Finance. With a growing community, we believe that this Discord server will enhance user engagement and enable the entire community to have maximum say in all major areas of Cook development and governance in this new channel.

Just recently, the Cook DAO for protocol governance was created to directly enable community participation. Now with the launch of the Cook Discord server, the decision-making process for the protocol, will make the entire governance process even more streamlined. It’s our goal to make communication and discussion about governance easier for everyone.

The new Cook Discord server will empower community members to engage in all aspects of the Cook platform in an organized manner with different key channels. It will also make the process more user-friendly for members to propose new indexes, make suggestions for the UI/UX and suggest new platform features.

In addition to platform improvements, $COOK token holders can also give suggestions to our Cook team on potential partnerships, marketing initiatives and many other suggestions to help improve not only the platform but also the community.

It’s exciting to think of the many ways in which Cook will receive direct feedback and participation from community members via the new Discord server. We expect this addition to significantly help improve the platform and make changes that will elevate the Cook user experience.

Cook Finance has decentralization at the core of its protocol, so giving additional control to our community through our new Discord server, is essential. This new channel will cultivate a trusted environment for community members and work to strengthen our three main pillars — accessibility, transparency, and security.

Join the Cook Discord Server:

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