Cook Finance Launches Mainnet on Ethereum

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Cook Finance on Ethereum Mainnet. This launch comes after intense testing and community feedback on the platform’s Testnet version, which allowed our users to get a first-hand experience of the services they could access on Cook. This launch marks one of the most defining stretches of our journey in disrupting the crypto asset management space through Cook Finance.

As DeFi gains wider adoption and crypto assets find a place in more people’s portfolios, it is the perfect time for Cook Finance to go live and offer a more simplified approach to crypto for both new and experienced users. Its easy-to-navigate interface enables users to easily select from a variety of crypto-focused fund options and make the world of DeFi easier than ever to navigate.

For Fund Creators or who we refer to as “Chefs” on the Cook Finance platform, they can create and issue their own crypto index funds. Then for Fund Selectors in our community who we refer to as our “Guests”, they can then easily connect a MetaMask wallet to select funds after making a decision on risk appetite and expected returns. Additionally guests get access to an intuitive dashboard from where they can swap, issue and redeem funds or just view asset holdings and track the performance of the funds. Furthermore, they can directly stake the platform’s native token COOK tokens and earn APY through either staking or liquidity mining.

While Cook Finance leverages a blockchain-based decentralized infrastructure, the user interface was designed to be simple and enable the largest base of potential users accustomed to interfaces on frequently used financial applications. In our development, we really focused on making the UI easy and intuitive to open up the complex world of DeFi and make it practical for anyone to use.

In the future we also plan to launch multiple other fund strategies, products, features and even open up fund creation to professions on Cook Finance to widen the scope of the platform and create even more opportunities for both sides of our platform.

“The potential of decentralized finance is increasing by the day and we want to ensure that every individual can reap its benefits. A decentralized asset management platform is one of the best ways to negate the complexities of the DeFi space and allow more users to participate in this new and more people-centric economy,” said Adrian Peng, the CEO of Cook Finance. “Our mainnet launch is the first step towards a greater goal of offering a wide array of asset management services that will allow the most inexperienced crypto users to invest smartly across DeFi.”

Cook Finance is now all set to tap into the growing DeFi space and allow users of all experience levels to easily select and manage crypto funds. So, if you are interested in starting your crypto journey or have often found traditional asset management platforms highly complex, try out Cook Finance today.

Users can access the Cook DAPP platform by visiting:




A DeFi Index platform built for the future.

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A DeFi Index platform built for the future.

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