Cook Finance reaches 10,000+ Wallet Holders

2 min readOct 13, 2021


We just announced that Cook has surpassed 10,000 $COOK wallet holders across four chains including ETH, BSC, HECO and OEC! This milestone demonstrates the wide appeal and interest in the Cook platform. As more and more people enter the world of DeFi people will be in search of platforms such as Cook where they can easily select from various crypto indexes that help reduce single asset volatility and instead select indexes that can contain a number of assets to provide more stable returns.

What makes this achievement notable is that this large potential Cook userbase was achieved in less than 3 months since launching the Cook Mainnet. Many of the protocols in the DeFi Asset Management space have been around for years but have yet to achieve this milestone of community support. This 10,000 number is a testament to the community’s belief in the team and the platform that is being built out in the DeFi Asset Management industry.

“We couldn’t be more pleased that so many in our community are behind Cook. We recently launched a DAO to get the community involved even more and we are very excited to see some brilliant ideas percolate up from the community,” Adrian Peng CEO of Cook Finance. “As even more people join our community we are certain that they’ll help form a solid foundation for the continued development and growth of the Cook platform.”

Currently Cook is working on building out a number of new features and indexes that will add even more utility to the platform. As time evolves in the DeFi space the Cook team aims to add even more value so that more people will join the Cook community and eventually be able to select from some of the best indexes in the burgeoning DeFi Asset Management world.

About Cook Finance

Cook Finance establishes a transparent and flexible asset management platform suited to diverse index selectors and index creators alike. Index selectors can monitor index allocations without worrying about its security or foul play. At the same time, index creators can leverage Cook to gain access to index selectors and carry out virtually any strategy without having to opensource the strategy.

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