Cook Integration with Unstoppable Domains

Cook is proud to be working with Unstoppable Domains and to have been one of the first DeFi platforms to integrate their Login with a NFT domain feature into the Cook platform. Our mission is to make it even easier to get DeFi Indexes and Unstoppable has been one of our best partners to help us achieve this goal.

By integrating with Unstoppable Domains, we enabled Cook to be even easier to use by logging into the platform through a simple NFT domain that is easy to remember. With endings like .crypto, .x and .nft users can replace long complex wallet addresses and login into Cook even faster.

Check out this Tweet with a great video demo of how to use Unstoppable to log into the Cook platform:

One of the best parts of having your own Unstoppable Domain is that once you purchase one, you own it for life with no renewal fees. Also if you use other Web3 apps you can also use it across other platforms.

Use this link to get your own personal Unstoppable Domain to login and start using Cook!




A DeFi Index platform built for the future.

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A DeFi Index platform built for the future.

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