Cook Protocol: Your gateway to DeFi

2 min readDec 11, 2020

As the previous article mentioned, although DeFi seems very promising, it is challenging for ordinary investors to participate. With a vision to bring finance to the masses, the Cook Protocol Team has set out to democratize DeFi.

The Cook Protocol: Accessibility, Transparency, and Security

The Cook Protocol is a platform built on Ethereum blockchain that connects retail investors with professional fund managers. The Cook Protocol provides retail investors with a diverse selection of asset management options offered by a wide variety of professional asset managers, so investors do not need to understand sophisticated concepts to ride the DeFi train. They just need to choose their preferred strategies. Risk-averse investors can choose more passive index-based investing, while high-return-seeking investors can opt for more actively managed investments.

Moreover, the money from investors is pooled together for fund managers to allocate. The gas fee on Ethereum can also be shared among different investors in the same fund. Therefore, the Cook Protocol makes DeFi much more accessible for ordinary retail investors.

Unlike traditional asset management platforms, Cook investment funds are all based on blockchain. Therefore, the risk index and profit information associated with particular investment funds are fully transparent and trustworthy. Investors can trace the data on the blockchain. Furthermore, each fund also features access control so that a fund manager can allocate locked-in assets but cannot withdraw funds. Thus, investors’ money is absolutely secure on the Cook Protocol.

All in all, the Cook Protocol is a cutting-edge blockchain project that seeks to make the high returns of DeFi accessible to the entire world, bring financial options to the underserved investor community.