A brand new DeFi index hosted on the BNB Chain

Shaping the future of DeFi: With The New Defi League Steering Committee Index.

4 min readMar 17, 2022


In a world dominated by thousands of unscrupulous altcoins, price volatility and regulatory ambivalence and investor skepticism, Cook finance has continued making giant strides in the metaworld by introducing indexes assets that help our users and index selectors navigate the market and earn superior returns on their assets. The DeFi League Steering Committee Indexes our latest innovative product offering that is geared towards achieving this. But before we dive into the details, let’s have an overview of the DeFi League Steering Committee and why its launch on BNBChain launch has got the blockchain world going agog.

What is the DeFi League Steering Committee?

In February 2022, the BNB Chain team issued a statement via twitter to announce the launch of the DeFi League Steering Committee (DLSC), a star studded team of prominent projects with a unified focus to find effective solutions to some of the far-reaching problems that are rife in the blockchain sector.

Despite the rapid growth to over $3 trillion in value and 300 million global users, the blockchain sector has been riddled with many challenges over the years. Some of the most prevalent challenges include;

  • Security Lapses
  • Scalability
  • User-friendly Interoperability
  • Developer support
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Sustainable Energy

These problems have placed limitations on the growth rate and the mainstream adoption.

Binance-led blockchain, BNB chain has moved to solve this panacea by convening a team of proven innovators, thought leaders and key industry players to collaborate towards creating interoperable solutions and building the infrastructure required to handle the future volume of users, data, and blockchain assets.

This star-studded task force, consisting of a diverse team of Industry leaders has been tagged the BNB DeFi League Steering Committee. (BNB — DLSC). In succinct terms, the BNB-DLSC is a group of founding projects joining forces to establish the wider DeFi League organization. The Members represent some of the world’s most innovative projects who have made significant contributions towards creating a multi-chain future in DeFi.

The founding members of the BNB-DLSC include: PancakeSwap, LayerZero, NodeReal, MCDEX, DODO, Venus, Deri Protocol, Tranchess, Celer cBridge, Alpaca Finance, ApolloX, Chainlink, GSR.

Why have we Launched the DLSC INDEX?

At Cook Finance, we have identified some inherent opportunities in this landmark event. Aside from the macro benefits that this collaboration may yield for the blockchain industry at large, we are set to help our Index selectors to position themselves to leverage these potential opportunities. This is why we have moved quickly to establish an Index composed by these founding members of the DLSC.

This DLSC Index provides a great investment opportunity for DeFi users and index selectors on Cook Finance. By selecting an Index that encumbers to native tokens of these stellar projects, DeFi users are now able to diversify their risk by gaining access to a basket of non-correlating assets encumbered by multiple technologically-proven and globally-reputed projects.

What are the Benefits of Investing in the DLSC INDEX?

Becoming pioneer members of the first DeFi League on the BNB Chain puts these member projects in the driving seat to shape the future of DeFi globally. This creates limitless growth opportunities for each of the committee member projects. Consequently, the DLSC Index presents a window of opportunity for DeFi users on the COOK platform to support/bet on the future of DeFi.

Here are some of the notable ways that the newly launched DLSC index may generate positive outcomes for the member projects and boost the prices of their native tokens:

First Movers Advantage: By virtue of proximity, and active involvement in the innovative research, members of the DLSC Index are likely to have first-hand access to new tech and infrastructure to implement new efficient solutions ahead of the rest of the blockchain industry . Such first-mover advantage can give them a significant headstart to generate growth spurts ahead of the rest of the market.

Proven Legitimacy: DLSC founding members have been independently audited and deemed to have contributed immensely to DeFi over the last few years. Hence, by Virtue of their participation, DLSC members are proven to have long-term skin in the game. This gives investors confidence in the long-term viability of the DLSC Index.

Access to Community Feedback: By nature of the DLSC, member projects will constantly have access to information and feedback from DeFi users globally. This can enable them to make quick tweaks and launch new features.

Global Publicity: BNB Chain is one of the most popular blockchain ecosystems in the world, with over 1million daily active wallets. Hence, the DLSC has the potential to boost the popularity, and reputation of the member projects globally,

How to Get Started With the DLSC INDEX?

In addition to our Metaverse Index, Yield Bearing Index and Avalanche Index, we are have now adding a trendsetting DLSC Index which comprises of the following assets on the BNB Chain:


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