Introducing The New Cook Logo

2 min readMay 26, 2021

To create a brand new logo that would be easily memorable, we spent considerable time crafting one that elegantly encompasses what our platform does. It was quite a challenge as we also wanted to instill the Cook name into the logo subtly but not make it too obvious. After extensive work we finally completed it and we’re quite thrilled to share the result.

If you look carefully at our new logo, you’ll notice that the left bracket is a representation of the letter “C” in our name Cook and the right bracket is a representation of the letter “K” but reflected. Then within the middle you’ll see three lines that represent heat and the concept of actually “Cooking”. We believe that this simple design encompasses our brand and demonstrates visually what our platform does at an easy to understand level.

Logo Design — Meaning

Additionally, another way to interpret our new logo is that the left and right brackets represents both sides of our platform including “Guests” who are the Fund Selectors and our “Chefs” who are the Fund Creators. Then when both of these sides come together on our platform they use heat to “Cook” up amazing opportunities.

We’re so excited to share this new visual direction and hope you are too. Stay tuned as we’ll be launching new giveaways soon so you can show off the new Cook logo to everyone and help bring even more people into our awesome community with a simple explanation!