Monthly Report — December

Product Updates

  • Officially launched this feature on Avalanche to issue into any index faster than ever
  • A new Avalanche Ecosystem Index composed of 6 projects from the Avalanche Ecosystem including Trader Joe, Yield Yak, Pangolin, Benqi, Penguin Finance and Wonderland
  • Created new Cook staking, Cook-WAVAX, LP staking and index token staking pools. View them here
  • Made improvements to the index detail page with a simplified clean appearance
  • Improved the organization of information on the index details page to make it easier for users to navigate

Marketing and Community Updates

  • Cook announced the launch of the first ever DeFi Index platform on Avalanche on the first day of the DCentral Conference in Miami
  • Exhibition — The Cook team exhibited at the DCentral Miami Conference and provided in person demos to hundreds of attendees
  • Community Giveaway — Cook held a community giveaway to win a ticket to the DCentral Miami Conference and one of several Cook hats
  • Keynote Speech — Adrian our CEO gave a Keynote speech on the first day of the conference
  • Live Demos — Cage our CTO provided onsite demos of the Cook platform on Avalanche
  • DeFi Panel — Michael our Head of Business Development participated on a DeFi panel the second day of the conference
  • Afterparty Event — Cook co-hosted a DCentral Afterparty event after the first day of the conference at Komodo in Brickell
  • Gem Hunters 12/3
  • Satoshi Club 12/7
  • Overdose Gems 12/9
  • TehMoonwalker 12/16
  • Poly Network 12/23
  • Created — A DeFi Index Guide for Avalanche: Read about it here
  • Created — An Index Staking Guide: Read about it here
  • Video — An Index Staking Guide: View it here
  • Video — A DeFi Index Guide for Avalanche: View it here
  • Video — An overview of the Cook platform on Avalanche: View it here
  • Yield Yak — Partnered with Yield Yak to integrate APY into the new Avalanche Yield Bearing Indexes
  • Pangolin — Participated in Pangolin’s Twitter Spaces discussion to talk about the Avalanche launch
  • Trader Joe — Established a partnership with Trader Joe for new farms
  • DeBank — Established a partnership with DeBank to track the Cook portfolio
  • Launched brand new staking programs for the Avalanche launch: Read about it here
  • Received Jinse and O’daily press articles on the Avalanche launch
  • The Volunteer Team created translated tutorials for the DeFi Index Guide for Avalanche and the Cook Index Staking Guide
  • Cage our Cook CTO participated in a Jinse Community AMA
  • Conducted an Asia community questionnaire to gather community feedback and suggestions on the Avalanche launch



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