Jan 4

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Monthly Report — December

To recap, December was a monumental month for Cook as we launched the first ever DeFi Index platform on Avalanche. The team was thrilled with the amount of support we received from all our partners and the entire community. To top it off Cook also revealed the ground breaking feature, “Issue with Single Token” to make getting a DeFi Index faster than ever. You can read more about all the product updates and all the marketing activities that were executed over the past month below for a full run down.

Product Updates

1. New Single Token Issuance Feature

  • Officially launched this feature on Avalanche to issue into any index faster than ever

2. New Yield Bearing Indexes

3. New Avalanche Index

  • A new Avalanche Ecosystem Index composed of 6 projects from the Avalanche Ecosystem including Trader Joe, Yield Yak, Pangolin, Benqi, Penguin Finance and Wonderland

4. New Staking Pools

  • Created new Cook staking, Cook-WAVAX, LP staking and index token staking pools. View them here

5. New UI Improvements

  • Made improvements to the index detail page with a simplified clean appearance
  • Improved the organization of information on the index details page to make it easier for users to navigate

Marketing and Community Updates

1. New Chain Announcement — Cook Launched on Avalanche

  • Cook announced the launch of the first ever DeFi Index platform on Avalanche on the first day of the DCentral Conference in Miami

2. DCentral Conference in Miami — Read the recap of it here

  • Exhibition — The Cook team exhibited at the DCentral Miami Conference and provided in person demos to hundreds of attendees
  • Community Giveaway — Cook held a community giveaway to win a ticket to the DCentral Miami Conference and one of several Cook hats
  • Keynote Speech — Adrian our CEO gave a Keynote speech on the first day of the conference
  • Live Demos — Cage our CTO provided onsite demos of the Cook platform on Avalanche
  • DeFi Panel — Michael our Head of Business Development participated on a DeFi panel the second day of the conference
  • Afterparty Event — Cook co-hosted a DCentral Afterparty event after the first day of the conference at Komodo in Brickell

3. Press Coverage — Publications that covered the Cook launch on Avalanche

4. Influencer Videos — Featured the Cook launch on Avalanche

5. Community AMAs — Participated in multiple AMAs to answer community questions about the Cook launch on Avalanche

  • Gem Hunters 12/3
  • Satoshi Club 12/7
  • Overdose Gems 12/9
  • TehMoonwalker 12/16
  • Poly Network 12/23

6. Education — Materials created to help support the use of the Cook platform on Avalanche

  • Created — A DeFi Index Guide for Avalanche: Read about it here
  • Created — An Index Staking Guide: Read about it here
  • Video — An Index Staking Guide: View it here
  • Video — A DeFi Index Guide for Avalanche: View it here
  • Video — An overview of the Cook platform on Avalanche: View it here

7. Partnerships

  • Yield Yak — Partnered with Yield Yak to integrate APY into the new Avalanche Yield Bearing Indexes
  • Pangolin — Participated in Pangolin’s Twitter Spaces discussion to talk about the Avalanche launch
  • Trader Joe — Established a partnership with Trader Joe for new farms
  • DeBank — Established a partnership with DeBank to track the Cook portfolio

8. Staking Programs

  • Launched brand new staking programs for the Avalanche launch: Read about it here

9. Asia Community

  • Received Jinse and O’daily press articles on the Avalanche launch
  • The Volunteer Team created translated tutorials for the DeFi Index Guide for Avalanche and the Cook Index Staking Guide
  • Cage our Cook CTO participated in a Jinse Community AMA
  • Conducted an Asia community questionnaire to gather community feedback and suggestions on the Avalanche launch