Monthly Report — March

Crypto/DeFi Markets Watch

  • The Ukrainian government launched a cryptocurrencies donations campaign that quickly racked up over $60 million in donations from across the world as of Mar 22, 2022.
  • The Russian Central bank made a U-turn, as they announced the amendment of the nations “Digital Currency Bill” to legalize the adoption of crypto currencies as a legitimate means of payments within the Russian Federation.

Inside Cook Finance: March 2022.


  • Cook platform Launched on BNB
Cook launches on BNB Chain

New indexes

  • Yield Bearing Mega Cap Index
  • Yield Bearing Stable Coin Index
  • Yield Bearing USDT Index
  • Yield Bearing BUSD Index
  • Yield Bearing USDC Index
  • Yield Bearing BNB Index
  • New indexes farming pools

Index Updates

  • Updating underlying yield yak farming strategy
  • Combing Avalanche Ecosystem V2 Index with Yield Bearing Avalanche Ecosystem V2 Index
  • New tokens addition
  • Delist MIM yield yak strategy


In case you missed it, you can read more about the Alpaca Finance Integration here:
In case you missed it: You can read more about the Magic Integration here.

Marketing: Events, Sponsorships & Promotions

  • Avalanche Summit — Barcelona 2022.



  • 10 users were gifted 20 usd each
  • We generated over 2000 engagements across our different social media platforms,
  • 10.000 people reached



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