Monthly Report — January

3 min readFeb 1, 2022

During the first month of 2022, the Cook team spent considerable time thinking strategically about new key milestones to set for 2022. This planning was intended to set Cook on a trajectory to achieve new heights over the next year with significant development progress. Even at just one month into the new year, the Cook team has already been successful in making significant traction on the first initial milestones including UI/UX improvements and launching new indexes on the Cook platform. Additionally the Cook team was able to engage with multiple partners across the Avalanche ecosystem to help spread the word and gather significant traction for these brand new indexes just launched within the first month 2022.

Product Updates

1. Roadmap Planning

  • Set six milestones to achieve in 2022 that cover major product improvements and additions to all parts of the Cook platform — Read about it here

2. New Indexes Launched

  • Yield Bearing Avalanche Ecosystem Index
  • Yield Bearing USDT Index composed of different USDT farms on Yield Yak
  • Yield Bearing USDC Index composed of different USDT farms on Yield Yak
  • Yield Bearing AVAX Index composed of different USDT farms on Yield Yak

3. UI Improvements

  • Email login feature with Magic Link integration in progress
  • Integrated Wyre to provide a feature to enabling buying crypto with a credit card
  • DAPP menu improved with new icons with dropdown menus for better organization
  • Improved UX flow and fixed UI bugs to improve overall user experience

Marketing & Community Updates

1. Community

  • Conducted a feedback survey to gather community interest in new indexes and features
  • Featured an Unstoppable Domains 5 NFT domain giveaway program partnership
  • Held a Cook $500 Airdrop giveaway for issuing indexes on Avalanche

2. Education

  • Updated Gitbook documentation to provide key information on getting started with the Cook platform — Read about it here

3. AMAs

  • Unstoppable Domains — Participated in a Twitter Spaces Panel to discuss the future of Web 3.0
  • Trader Joe Discord Voice AMA — Discussed the new Avalanche indexes recently launched on Cook and how Trader Joe is integrated and utilized in these indexes
  • Yield Yak Telegram AMA — Shared details on all the new Yield Bearing Indexes launched on Avalanche that are powered by Yield Yak

4. Partnerships

  • Unstoppable Domains — Supported UD’s major announcement — Read about it here
  • Trader Joe — Launched new Farmers Market Double Rewards program — Check it out here

5. Press

7. Articles

  • Published the 2021 A Year in Review recap of Cook’s first year — Read about it here
  • Published the 2022 Cook Roadmap — Read about it here

7. Asia Community

  • Published two articles to the Jinse column: The 2021 Year in Review and the 2022 Cook Roadmap
  • Lunar New Year promotion collected feedback from volunteers and provided airdrops to all participants
  • Provided a daily report on the current APRs on AVAX